We Handle Various Tank Farm facilities

Oka Neftegaz tank farm operates owned tank storage in Russia and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Our tank farms are situated above the ground and while some are beneath the ground with support for successful discharges of products into heavy duty oil tankers and pipelines. We have large industrial amenities for the storage of oil and petroleum products before these products are formally transported to the end users or further to storage facilities.

Oka Neftegaz tank farm is involved in storage terminal management. We currently manage and operate a tank farm fuel terminal in Russia port and Rotterdam, Europe. Together with our predecessors we have managed this facility since 2018. We also have managed a bulk fuel terminal for another independent client.

Most organizations have terminal facilities as a need to support their core activity and as such do not necessarily have the in house skills and expertise to operate a bulk storage terminal to its optimal requirements, including all the legislative requirements.

Directly and through our shareholders, we have experience in managing tank farm storage facilities such as jp54, diesel D6, LNG, D2 and so on, floating storage facilities and bulk terminals. Over recent times, we have worked widely with industry regarding development prospects and have consulted on numerous projects relating to the operation of tank farms, site conditions, loading facilities, tank upgrades, building of new tanks, etc.